Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin (or AGH) is a citrus bioflavonoid called hesperidin. It acts on blood microcirculation by improving oxygenation while reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Thanks to its action, it intervenes directly on puffiness and blue circles of the face caused by bad circulated blood. By increasing the skin’s temperature, AGH improves blood circulation and reduces the bluish effect of dark circles, making them less visible.

AGH also has a brightening effect on the complexion. By improving blood circulation, it allows better oxygen circulation in the skin. Then, it unifies the complexion and inhibits the mechanisms of oxidation. Its action thus allows to reducing the spots, the shades, and the unevenness of luminosity present on the skin.

In addition to reducing the appearance of dark circles and brightening the complexion, its antioxidant action reduces the appearance of pores induced by skin slackening and sun exposure by suppressing the peroxidation of skin lipids (less visible pores contours) and by reducing inflammation (less pigmented pores).

Improving blood circulation, decreasing inflammation, and inhibiting oxidative stress, are all actions that AGH allows to ensure radiant and visibly younger skin.



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