The self-massage ritual created by CHICO SHIGETA for the use of Elixir Oil Serum Cherry Blossom Edition.

A key step, the self-massage not only increases the effects of the elixir but also relaxes the mind by taking a moment for yourself.

Created exclusively by CHICO SHIGETA, this self-massage ritual will help you take full advantage of the benefits of this new serum, for a truly radiant and sublimated skin.

Morning and/or evening apply 1 pipette of Elixir Cherry Blossom over your clean face and neck.

1. Using your fingertips, apply vertical pressures from your chin to your ears.

2. Using the second phalanx of your index fingers, apply slight pressures under your cheekbones, from your nose to your ears.

3. Using your fingertips, apply vertical pressures over your forehead, between your brows and hairline.

4. Apply gentle pressures with your hand palms over the depicted areas and finish with sliding pressures along the neck towards your neckbones.


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