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ROSE FACIAL OIL – The draining massage for a fresher and more radiant skin

The drainage self-massage ritual for a unique moment of relaxation. Rose Facial Oil has been …

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The self-massage ritual created by CHICO SHIGETA for the use of Elixir Oil Serum Cherry …

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INNER PEACE Bath Salts : 3 unique breathing rituals

3 breathing rituals specially created by CHICO SHIGETA to reconsider our relationship with ourselves   …

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Miso Dip

Looking for inspiration for dinner? Here is an original and tasty recipe that you can …

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Relax in a detox bath

In Japan, April 26 celebrates bathing. Associating the cleanliness of the body and the purity …

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My Detox Smoothie

For breakfast, why not opt for a smoothie instead of fruits? There is nothing like …

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My detox salad

Thanks to a healthier and more balanced diet, no more tiredness after lunch! Normally, our …

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I lighten my body with a detox coaching

Why start a detox when spring arrives? Unexplained chronic sleepiness, spots on the chin and …

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Beauty herbal tea – Boost your radiance from within

Your hair and skin are dull and tired, you have bags under the eyes, you …

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Prepare your skin for makeup

There is nothing more essential than taking care of your skin. To prepare your skin …

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These scents that make us feel good

With the weather getting colder, the greyness settling in, our body is slowing down and …

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Energy-boosting smoothie

At the end of the week, our body is slow and often tense due to …

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