Our roll-on illustrations by Hana4

The SHIGETA PARIS Wake up, Refresh and Relax roll-ons have been specially illustrated by the Japanese artist Hana4, to reflect the universe of each oil and the aromatic benefits they provide. Each illustration is a true work of art, hand-painted with colors and movements specially designed to represent the synergy of essential oils contained in each roll-on and add an artistic dimension to this sensory experience.


Wake up                                            Refresh                                            Relax


  • The movements of Wake Up, tracing like a sunrise with bright colors of energy to find your natural vitality and wake up gently.


  • The illustration of Refresh is a true ode to the human body and its vitality, with its fluid movements and bright colors evoking blood circulation.


  • The delicate lines and soothing nuances of Relax, acting in synergy to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere favorable to the relaxation of the mind.



Hana4 is a Japanese multidisciplinary designer, whose skills range from nail art to illustration and art direction. Her talent is apparent in her fine hand-drawn lines and beautifully detailed colors. She believes in the power of art to tell stories and deep thoughts.

Inspired by photography, travel, and encounters, she is currently creating works in various fields, while focusing on creative projects related to recycling and sustainability. She is active as an artist in many sectors, going beyond fashion and beauty.

As a user of SHIGETA PARIS oils, she draws inspiration from these products in her daily life. She creates works of art that capture moments and situations, transcribing the unique olfactory worlds of SHIGETA oils.


Find her website : https://www.hana4art.com/ 


And find the roll-ons here

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