Bon Appétit: How to detoxify your body after the holidays?

Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Kings… If you took advantage of the holiday season, you surely put your body to the test! Between fat, sugars, alcohol, your digestive system has taken a hit…

So the month of January calls for a ritual of detoxifying the body and resuming good habits. During this period, Bon Appétit, our synergy of essential oils, is my best ally!

Bon Appétit is ideal for helping digestion and properly processing everything our body has ingested. Particularly during periods when we consume heavy meals, our body really needs a helping hand to recover and restore the balance of the intestinal flora.

What essential oils make it up?

  • Soothing and stimulating caraway seed essential oil
  • Balancing coriander essential oil
  • Detoxifying lemon essential oil

So if you were looking for a companion which relieves you on a daily basis and promotes the well-being of the body, look no further, no more digestion problems!


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