Prized for centuries for its healing properties, the cherry blossom (Sakura) is also a symbol of renewal, softness and beauty in Japan. Deeply rooted in Japanese culture, it is used for its cosmetic benefits, especially for its soothing and antioxidant properties.

Cherry blossom cells, a double action against skin inflammation.

When the skin is faced with an external aggression, the keratinocytes (constitutive cells of the epidermis) release molecules called “inflammation mediators” to defend it.
Produced in excessive numbers, these molecules can cause irritation. We speak about “overreaction” of the skin. The cells of cherry blossoms will ensure the regulation of these molecules in order to limit this reaction while preserving the natural mechanism of defense of the skin towards this aggression.

This natural ingredient cultivated in France also plays the role of antioxidant to limit the formation of free radicals. Indeed, when the skin is exposed to UV rays, its cells oxidize by releasing free radicals which will then attack the skin cells’ defense system and cause the release of “inflammation mediators”.
Thus, there is a double preventive and protective action against the mechanisms of inflammation.

2 key actions :
– soothes, reduces irritation by increasing the skin’s tolerance level.
– reduces the general oxidation of cells, limits the creation of free radicals.



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