HYDRO REPAIR EYE SERUM – The massage ritual for a lifted eye contour

A unique massage has been developed by CHICO SHIGETA, experts in holistic beauty, to enhance the benefits of our new eye contour treatment, Hydro Repair Eye Serum. The synergistic effect of essential oils, coupled with massage stimulation of the area, is of paramount importance in activating microcirculation for a lifted, firmed effect.

Apply the equivalent of a grain of rice around both eyes.

      1. Place the tips of the middle fingers of each hand on the inner corner of the eyes, then lightly tap outwards along the orbital bone.
      2. Then slide the fingertips from the inside to the outside up to the temples, finishing with strong pressure on both temples.
      3. Place the tips of your fingers of each hand at the birth of the eyebrow. Apply strong pressure with the weight of your head, then slide your fingers towards your forehead.
      4. Finally, pinch your eyebrow with your fingertips, massaging from the inside out.

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