Prepare your skin for makeup

There is nothing more essential than taking care of your skin.

To prepare your skin before makeup, it is important to clean and moisturize your face. This is why CHICO SHIGETA has designed the perfect application ritual to give your skin back its natural radiance. Combine the benefits of the new illuminating base with your Awakening morning ritual to enhance the moisturizing effects of your skincare routine while giving your skin a luminous complexion.

8 steps for a healthy natural glow complexion

1. Wash your face with clear water or use Awakening Mousse Wash or Awakening Milk Cleanser.

2. To unify your complexion and prep your skin before hydration, use Awakening Moisture Lotion or Awakening Rose Mist.

3. Apply two drops of Elixir Oil Serum, Oil Serum Rose Moisture, or Balancing Oil Serum* to the entire face to nourish the skin.

4. Reapply Awakening Moisture Lotion or Awakening Rose Mist. Then add two drops of the serum oil of your choice** to your face and neck with the palm of your hands.

5. Prepare your skin for makeup by gently massaging Awakening Moisture Serum and Awakening Moisture Cream into the face and neck.

6. Apply the new Perfect Glow UV Base to the entire face in circular movements. For an even radiant look, use the SHIGETA Beauty Puff.

7. Use three drops of Perfect Glow Serum Concealer around the mouth, under the eyes, and above the eyebrows to blur imperfections, protect the skin and deeply moisturize it.

8. To sublimate your face, finish your makeup routine by gently patting a touch of the Perfect Glow Lip&Cheek of your choice*** on cheeks and lips.

*Choose the serum according to your needs or your favorite fragrance.
Elixir Oil Serum for all skin types.
Rose Moisture Oil Serum for normal to dry skin.
Balancing Oil Serum for sensitive skin.
**Elixir Oil Serum, Moisture Oil Serum, and Balancing Oil Serum
*** Available in three colors (Glamorous Beige, Parisian Red, and Lucky Pink).

Beauty tips

✓ For a more intense makeup look, we recommend using one of our UV Perfect Glow BB creams (available in two tints).
✓ The illuminating base can also be used as a radiance enhancer. After applying the BB cream, highlight and contour your face by using it in light touches on the key points of the face (forehead, cheekbones, chin).

Discover the new illuminating base here

Perfect for setting makeup, the illuminating base creates the perfect match with the new Beauty Puff. Combine the two to create a natural glowing look.

Discover the new Beauty Puff here

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