These scents that make us feel good

With the weather getting colder, the greyness settling in, our body is slowing down and our skin is dehydrated. Not to mention the stress of the holiday season, our mood is definitely not good! Today, we give you our secret to deal with the cold and face the winter with serenity.

3 synergies to awaken the heart and mind

In addition to their benefits on the skin, essential oils also have an action on the mind. Plant extracts that contain both active and aromatic molecules, whether inhaled, applied to the skin or swallowed, they act on the nervous system to improve a number of daily problems.
Possessing its own properties, CHICO SHIGETA has developed blends of essential oils in the form of synergy to multiply their comforting, relaxing, stimulating, soothing virtues …
Each one has its own aromatic blend to boost energy and soothe the mind!

Need to let go?

Green Bloom – Revitalizing

A synergy of hinoki (Japanese cypress) and invigorating eucalyptus essential oils to help you find wholeness of body and mind.

Need some sweetness?

Rose Dive – Uplifting

A synergy of precious Damask Rose and Geranium essential oils for a true moment of beauty and fulfillment.

Need to energize your body?

Light Up – Purifying

A synergy of essential oils of detoxifying lemon and exotic verbena for a real moment of balance and lightness.

Enhance the virtues of SHIGETA synergies

Combined with your shower gels, body milks or bath salts, these synergies transform your body care ritual into a real moment of well-being and pleasure. Don’t forget that with the change in temperature and the layers of clothing, your skin is weakened. It is therefore important to pamper it by reinforcing your body care ritual!

Body wash – repairing weakened skin

Change your shower habits! Choose a body wash with a gentle cleansing base to repair skin weakened by the cold.



The bonus?
✓Gentle foaming base from coconut
✓Soothing and balancing Chamomile floral water
✓Aloe Vera for the hydration of the epidermis

Beauty tip : Can also be used as a bubble bath!

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Body milk – Nourishing dry skin

After the shower, it is important to protect your skin from external aggressions (tightness, dryness, redness due to the cold and the accumulation of clothes). Use a body milk that is sufficiently nourishing to leave a protective veil to maintain the skin’s hydration, nourish it deeply and make it supple again.



The bonus?
✓Soothing and moisturizing jojoba oil
✓Shea butter and honey to deeply nourish and regenerate
✓A velvety finish with wheat and castor oils

Beauty tip : In a hurry? Don’t panic! This body milk penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film. Ideal to be used just after the shower!

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Bath salts – re-energize the skin

Reinforce your body care ritual by taking a bath once a week! Hot baths have been known since the dawn of time for their revitalizing, relaxing and detoxifying properties.



The bonus?
✓Dead Sea salts that are extremely concentrated in minerals to leave the skin soft and moisturized
✓Cleans and de-stresses the skin in depth by promoting perspiration
✓Awakens the senses thanks to the synergies of essential oils

Beauty tip : In water at 39°C, immerse yourself up to your waist, with a towel over your shoulders for a more progressive well-being.

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Mix and match our 3 series of aromatic essential oils to find the perfect combination according to your mood!


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